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Off Road Innovations

Off Road Innovations

Off Road Innovations

Off Road Innovations

Off Road Innovations

Business Opportunities

After all of the years of working on 4x4's and reading 4wheeler magazines. How many times have you pondered about owning your very own off road center? Well now with the help of the staff at ORI you can be operating your very own shop for a very minimal expense.

Our unique concept is simple!

The staff at ORI give future shop owners the opportunity to turn their hobby into a successful career. They are given a well-known name, showroom design, and set up with distributors and the skills it takes to be successful in the automotive 4x4 industry.


Unlike going into the automotive accessory business blind, we set you up with the knowledge it takes to be successful in the industry today.

Customer Service - is the key to being successful. Off Road Innovations has earned the reputation across America for being knowledgeable, friendly and all around skilled in the shop.

Product Knowledge - is very important. If a customer feels they are talking to someone who is not knowledgeable with the product line, they will most likely spend their money somewhere else. It's very important that the staff in our stores are trained on product knowledge. We teach you what it takes to sell that product, so your potential customer feels good about spending their hard earned money in your store.

Market Share - participating dealers can take advantage of market share advertising programs. Participating in the programs increase name recognition and profitability.

Liability - is the scariest thing about owning your own business. We teach you the do's and don'ts in the most prominent liability issues.

Inventory Control - is important to your bank account. There is no way even the biggest warehouses can stock all the products available in our industry today. We will show what's selling in your region.

Showroom Design - is important when it comes to customers, first impressions are everything. The quality of your showroom and shop is reflected on how a business is run. We will be there to design and set up your new Off Road Center.

What We Offer You and Your New Business

  • We set you up with a well established name that's known for it's quality in truck, jeep and sport utility vehicle accessories.
  • We assist in the location as well as setting up and the design of your showroom and installation facility.
  • Up to a week training course, in your new off road center.
  • Help set you up with merchandising and distributors.
  • Territory referrals.
  • Updates on product knowledge and important issues.

Knowledge it takes to not only be successful in the truck accessory business but a chance to turn your hobby into a profitable career.

Off Road Innovations Off Road Innovations
Off Road Innovations Off Road Innovations

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